LogicBase Interactive Team Building 2015 At Dahilayan Adventure And Forest Park

“One Team One Goal” A LogicBase Interactive Oath – Team Building 2015


LogicBase Interactive Team Building 2015 at Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park

(from left to right) Guilda, Nikki, Jeff, Paolo, April, Francis, Sir Coy, Ms MJ, Jovannie, Sir Bryan, Ms Yani, Patch and Cliff

Last October 17, 2015, LogicBase Interactive Family conducted its first ever Team Building Activity with the theme “ONE TEAM ONE GOAL” as printed on our uniform navy blue shirts. The said event was held at the cold and fresh environment of Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park. Everyone really had the best moments of their lives. But wait, I fast forwarded. Let’s take flashes of memories the LBI family spent on that very day.

LBI Team Building 2015              LBI Team Building 2015

Early Saturday morning of October 17, everyone prepped up wearing their proud “One Team One Goal” shirts. Excitement were in each of everyone’s faces. And as we headed to our destination, thanks to Sir Bryan for driving for us, we rode an almost 3 hours ride. We passed by long winding roads, pineapple and corn fields and mountain views. Then we suddenly felt a drop in the temperature. That was it, we’re almost there. Until we arrived at Dahilayan Adventure Park. We sighted a line of stores, photo booths, end of a zipline ride, a high tower and “Forest Park” afar. We were really excited for the event.

LBI Team Building 2015               LBI Team Building 2015


LBI Touchdown1

Then we walked up to the entrance of Dahilayan Forest Park where our venue will be set. There were already a number of people inside, with kids playing at the playground, some taking pictures of themselves with the views and some sipping drinks at the Forest Cafe. Happy faces were noticeable. The place is just perfect for our Team Building. We walked a few more steps toward the reserved cottage where we can settle our stuffs and prepare everything. When all was set, pictorials were first done until the Team Building Activity proper occurred.

LBI FP Entrance

The sole purpose of the team building activity is to create a tighter bond and teamwork, deeper understanding, armor trust, innovate creativity and empower leadership among all of the members, and as suggested by “One Team One Goal” which is for the success of the whole team.

LBI One Team One Goal Team Building 2015

The first activity has the goal of bringing a team to work together called “Carry My Team”. The mechanics of the said teamwork game is for both groups to carry a member from the starting point and transfer them by a distance to a specific point, then back to the starting point (2 rounds). Team A (Nikki, Patch, Cliff and Paolo) won over Team B (Guilda, April, Francis and Jovannie) for they finished the game faster.

“Hahaha! Maka.enjoy kayo.. at the same time.. grabe ka joker kay g.itsa si Patch.” ~Nikki

LBI "Carry The Team" Team Building 2015             LBI "Carry The Team" Team Building 2015

Following was the game called “Guess The Zoong” that presents the importance of listening among team members. The game committee consisted of Ms MJ, Nikki and Jeff prepared a bunch of famous song titles and animal names printed on pieces of colored papers. The mechanics of the said activity is that two teams will be formed. A team will play first, and each member will take turns in picking a song title and an animal name. The player will give a clue about the song title to his teammates by humming the tune of the song through the picked animal’s sound. Team A won over Team B for guessing more song titles correctly.

“aw aw aw aw aw. Bitaw, lingaw na game. Labun na ang pag awat sa animal sounds, dili mao. si si si.” ~Cliff

LBI Team Building 2015            LBI Team Building 2015

LBI Team Building 2015

Before we had our lunch, a Puzzle Solving Game was done. This might be a simple game but it is for encouraging problem solving, innovation and leadership among participating teams. And as both teams were given 2 but similar puzzle pieces, in order to win, one must complete the puzzle and shout what words of phrases that might be shown on it. The stubborn streaks of wind had the both teams struggle to complete the puzzle but Team A was unstoppable and succeeded.

“For me, I would say it’s the puzzle game I enjoyed the most. There maybe different ways, different approaches and different strategies in solving the game but the important thing here is teamwork. One can do so little, but many can do more.” ~Jovannie

LBI Team Building 2015             LBI Team Building 2015

LBI Team Building 2015

Those spontaneous activities had everyone challenged and at the same time, hungry. So a sumptuous lunch was laid for everyone to enjoy.

LBI Team Building 2015

After a satisfying lunch, everyone took moments in enjoying the surrounding views.

Maybe an hour after, everyone was assembled and the next activity was performed. Forming Pyramids was the next activity participated still with the two teams. This game measures the coordination of each members of both teams. From six plastic cups provided, both teams must form them into a pyramid by stacking the cups from a base of 3 cups, then 2 cups in the middle, and a cup at the top. And Team B proved that they are more coordinated than Team A, but still both of the teams’ efforts are commended.

“It was fun.. through it we built a trait called unity and cooperation. we never expected to win at first, we only thought of having fun and doing it together then that happened. We won! smile emoticon” ~April

LBI Team Building 2015                LBI Team Building 2015

LBI Team Building 2015

Jump In Jump Out was supposed to be an energizer activity like warm up, but it seemed fun so it was performed. This fun activity is about listening, coordination and how fast your brain and body can respond. So a coordinator will say Jump In, Jump Out, Jump Left or Jump Right. If the instruction suggests “Say what I say and do what I say“, participating individuals must say what the coordinator says and do them. That was simple, so twists were given. The next instruction was “Say the opposite of what I say but do what I say“, then “Say what I say but do the opposite of what I say“. And everyone bursted with laughters for it caused everyone a hard time. But as the activity went on, the routine was perfected.

“It was fun, a mind boggling activity as it confuses you in a way to test if your mind can delegate the things ask to do and the things that you should say at the same time so brain teazer? Not quite.. :)” ~Francis

LBI Team Building 2015               LBI Team Building 2015

LBI Jump In Jump Out

After that brain squeezer activity, all were revved up for the next activity which was Message Relay. It significantly lights the importance of communication and language. The mechanics is simple, members must line up, with the first member to memorize a group of sentences and relay it to the next member and so on with the last member to say the message being relayed. “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion. Individually we are one drop but together, we are an ocean. One Team One Goal.“, was the message being relayed. The activity ended with no winning team. Both teams might have failed but members learned what the activity was about. Still, everyone did their best.

“Ingon sila, ang message relay, patalasan sa pandungog. Dapat excellent imong listening and communication skills para ma relay nimu og sakto ang message. Pero pag dula namo ani, memorization ang nanaig, lol. Taas kaayo ang gipa memorize sa amo, kailangan namo og photographic memory para ma memorize ang message nga i relay haha. Enjoy kayo nga kada repeat nimu sa message kay daghan kayo kag mali, to the point nga pati ang nag relay ma libog na sa iyang message hahaha.” ~Guilda

LBI Team Building 2015               LBI Team Building 2015

LBI Team Building 2015

And the last Team Building activity which was called Blind Drawing took place with 2 representatives from each group. Though it ended with no winning team, everyone learned the activity’s essence which is about communication and language.

“This activity really challenged me. You have to be keen with the details, must be creative and know how to use the proper words to say so that your co-member can understand you. I thought dali ra siya pero lisod. Dapat wild jud imo imagination. And that’s where innovation starts.” ~Jeff

LBI Team Building 2015                LBI Team Building 2015

LBI Team Building 2015

Team Building Activities measure how a team has become a team. They ensure common goals which are to create a tighter relationship, communication, teamwork, and leadership among members. Such activities teach the importance of unity.

“So far nice ang activities atong nag-team building ta. They were conducive so that everyone would join and participate. I’m looking for more team building trips and activities.” ~Paolo

“Enjoyed the team building last time, nice place and full of adventures” ~Patch

LBI Team Building 2015

The challenges that LBI had faced during the Team Building Activity is the venue itself. Since it is highlands, the weather is windy, sometimes it slightly rains, and the surrounding views that undeniably steal your attention. Just like in the part where we played the Puzzle Game, we struggled from the wind blowing the puzzle pieces. But we endured and continued the game.

“Na challenge ako sa pag gather sa inyo kasi minsan nawawala yung iba, tapos hahagilapin mo na naman. hahaha parang you’re lost in wilderness. Nandun ang excitement for the next activity, and ang excitement to connect with nature. Tapos challenge talaga ang mawala ang signal, so wala tlgang gamit ang social media dun in which maka connect ka tlaga with your team and other tourists.” ~Ms Yani

LBI Team Building 2015

Though one member of the LBI family, Jan, wasn’t able to join the team building activity, we still felt his presence that day for he was the one who designed the shirt.

“After knowing what the texts that is to be included in the design, which is “One Team, One Goal”, what came into my mind is an approach that was also showcased by the Ateneo Lady Eagle’s battle cry: ONE BIG FIGHT. The Sans Serif typeface with letters all in caps embodied the solidarity of the team as a whole. Spread around are the logos of computer programming languages and Content Management Systems (CMS) that the core group of logical individuals inside Logicbase Interactive (LBI) possess.” ~Jan

LBI Shirt Team Building 2015

“Our team building event was not only great learning experience but also fun for the entire team. It was a success all around. It was a high level of energy throughout the day. Nothing but great praise to everyone. We really had a blast.” ~Ms MJ

LBI Team Building 2015

“Aside sa bonding and unity, we also get to practice our innovation by finding ways to be able to play the games despite the lack of space. And we look good with a uniform.” ~Sir Coy

The road trip, the place, the people, the games, the pictorial sessions, the laughters, and the whole experience were unforgettable. Indeed, LogicBase Interactive Team Building Activity 2015 really was a blast!

“For me one of the most important part during the team building is the games. Since during the games, that’s where we will see what are the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Like who is a team player or not. Will also improve communication and each members will be able to get to know each other more. One important lesson to win the game is that everyone should be working as a TEAM. In order to be a better team, we should trust and respect each other. Just like what was written in our shirt: ONE TEAM ONE GOAL!” ~Sir Bryan

LogicBase Interactive Team Building 2015


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