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How to Become a Virtual Assistant


Internet nowadays has a strong impact for improving people’s life and society. It became one of the ways to make things easier like communicating, and even business marketing. This is the reason virtual assistance services are born. It’s just like any ordinary assistant yet the client and the assistant are communicating online. The transaction is made online and the virtual assistant is expected to do his/her duties via computer and makes sure that the job is done online. Selecting the best virtual assistant is important to have better product and output. The following are seven most important skills to become a virtual assistant.


  1. Detail Oriented Skills

A virtual assistant should have an eye for every details and should make a conscious effort to understand and execute the task being given. He must take note of every information the client give and execute correctly and accurately the tasks so that his output will be effective and efficient.


  1. Artistic and Creativity

An artistic or creative person can think of many useful ideas that can be added to the task being given so that the virtual assistant can make a unique output. He must be creative enough to use and manipulate the sources he have so that he could make a catchy and well-made output.


  1. Time Management Skills

It is very important for a virtual assistant to finish the task being given on or before the given deadline. So a virtual assistant should learn time management for him to schedule and execute each task without neglecting any other task. With this, his mind and heart will be in harmony and not being pressured.


  1. Natural Communicator

Good communication is a very important skill a virtual assistant should have. Since most of the clients are located in other countries, so the only way to communicate is through internet. A virtual assistant should always communicate with his client so that the client can monitor the progress of the task he gives. Good English skills is highly needed so that they could understand each other very well and the virtual assistant can execute the task as what the client instructed.


  1. Well Adept to Computer Software

A virtual assistant should be well adept to computer software like Microsoft office tools, Internet browsers and any other tools needed to execute the task given. If the virtual assistant is already skilled to those software, it would then be easy for him to do the task without wasting time to practice and learn the said tools.


  1. Job Commitment

A virtual assistant must always seek for a long term working relationship with his client. Strong trust to both parties is very important. With this, there would be a high possibility that the business of the client will grow and with that, he could assign more jobs to the virtual assistant.


  1. Open-mindedness

A virtual assistant must be open-minded with new learnings and ideas that will come as the task is going on. He must be willing to adapt and apply new ideas that can help the client’s business to improve.


There are many ways to make money online but one excellent way is to have the skill to become the best and turn it into a service you can offer online. Many people have done it. On the other hand, if you want to build a business online, select the virtual assistant who can provide excellent virtual assistance services.

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  1. Yani Lim Lacaba

    Interesting article to read. Skill number 6, “Job Commitment” is one of my favorites: gaining the trust of your employer or vice versa makes the work easy for both parties.As a VA, going for an extra mile is not bad, in this way you can show your concern towards your job. Beisdes, we are paid by the hour so we are expected to perform and be indispensable.

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