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Why Every Business Needs a Website

Are you keeping up with your customers lately? Is your business accessible online? Do you want to have more potential customers?

Are these questions popping in your mind lately?

If yes, have you asked yourself, “Does my business need a website?” Well in this day and age, a website can really help your business. Most of the consumers now check out businesses online, before they actually buy something. They checked out reviews and comments from past customers. So imagine how much your business is missing out and how many potential customers you could gain if your business has a presence online by having a website. A lot of people now are active online so it only means they have more time browsing sites and a lot of businesses are already reaping benefits from having an their own website.

Here’s why you need a website:

  1. 1-online brochureIt’s an online brochure. A lot of us have experience being handed brochures in the mall or in the streets. Yes, brochures are effective in attracting potential customers by giving them information about your business. Your website will act as you online brochure. You can update it and list down your new products/services, prices and even announce events. The upside for this is you can update you website anytime plus you don’t need to spend for printing cost. You can also save time having an online brochure, you don’t need to hand it out personally, all you need is to update it and you can share it via social media or email. You can reach more potential customers saving you the cost of printing, time and man power.

  2. 2-interact with customersYou can interact with customers. Interacting with your customers isn’t just about a simple chit chat; it’s a way for them to address their concerns and suggestions. By knowing what they want and need, you can have a better understanding on how to run your business. Your website is also a tool for you to know your customers better and establish a more lasting relationship with them. Location doesn’t even matter, as long as you’re connected online, you can interact with them.

  3. 3-accessible 247365Your business will accessible anytime. Your establishment may close, but having a website is your means to run your business everyday for 24 hours. Customers can view your products and services, and contact you thru your website. Your business won’t need a down-time as long as your website is running.

  4. 4-add business valueIt adds business value. Consumers who check out products and services online are always looking for a business website. It’s their way of checking if the business is trustworthy. A website is a symbol of legitimacy among businesses. Bogus sellers and online scams are common nowadays, consumers are carefully checking if your business is legitimate. People nowadays are always looking for good reviews/ testimonials. So having a website with a testimonial page can help the image of your business. If your website looks good and trustworthy, it makes the image of your business more legitimate and can help you make more deals, faster transactions and avail business loans.

  5. 5-email addressYour own email address. Yes, image having “your-name-here@business-name.com” as an email address. Doesn’t that make you look more professional and personalize? If you have a website, you and your employees can create your personalized business email accounts. It makes your business more reputable and of course helps you organize emails for your business.

  6. 6 - Beat the Big GuysHelps you beat the “Big Guys”. Having a business website is not only for the “Big Guys”, small and medium enterprises can also have them and even stand toe-to-toe online with the bigger competition. You can setup an effective online strategy campaign to get a head of your competitors, all because you have a website. Having it also means your business has more reach locally as well as internationally for potential customers. Since your website can be access abroad, it only means that you can cater to more people. Your business can rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo. You can do this by implementing an effective marketing strategy called Search Engine Optimization. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, a website can help you compete with the “Big Guys”.

  7. 7 - Connect with Other Web MastersConnect with other “web masters.” If you have a website, you’ll be the web master. With this you can build more connections with other web masters and business owners. Having more connections can increase your chances of getting more extra income.

  8. 8- Survey Your AudienceSurvey your audience. Your potential customers are the audience of your business. It’s always helpful to do a survey. Having your own website can help you do more surveys to wider audiences. This way you can determine the interest of your potential customers. You can also measure thru online surveys if they are happy and satisfied with your products or services, it also allows you to understand their behavior and how you can influence them.

  9. 9 - Sell Products and Services OnlineSell your products and services online. It is common nowadays for people to purchase products or avail services online, because it’s more convenient and saves them a lot of time. Setting up an online store is possible if you have a website. One advantage is the number of potential customers you can attract because they can check out your products and services online. People are also more attracted to online advertising and they frequently search for things they need and want.

  10. 10 - Attract New Business through Search EnginesAttract more customers through search engines. The higher you website rank in search engines, the more people you can reach. Of course you need to have a website to get this. By using SEO strategy, you can magnetize people to be your potential customers. A high ranking website can also drive more traffic, in which you can use to put more advertisements as a means of extra income from your site.

  11. 11 - Contact InformationYou can be contacted any time. Having a contact page in your site is a great way for your potential customers to contact you. Inquiries can be done thru your directly from your website or via email, phone or text. This means people can contact your business without having to go there physically, saving both of you lots of time.

  12. 12 - Create Blogs for BusinessBlog about your business. One way of letting people know what’s happening with you business is by blogging it. You have a wide array of topics to blog about your business, whether it’s your latest products, services and even upcoming events. Plus adding informative articles in your blog can drive more traffic to your site which you can convert as your potential customers.

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