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The Secret Tips on Creating Powerful Landing Page


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Turn visitors in your landing page to potential valuable customers!

A lot of businessmen nowadays are establishing their business in the online world. Their business sites had become a business portal to communicate with their customers globally. You’ve implemented SEO tools to expose your business into a greater audience or market. Vast traffics are going into your website but sometimes you wonder why it isn’t being converted into customer traffic. What could be wrong behind that? Well, it may be because you don’t have a powerful landing page.

What is a landing page?

Upon reading this you might wonder what is the difference between a landing page to the web pages in your site? Customers are being directed to the page, it would seem logical to call it a landing page isn’t it? That’s where you’re wrong. There is a significant difference between a landing page and an ordinary web page. One thing is that the landing page must have a form. And the other thing is landing page’s sole purpose is to capture visitor’s information through that form. The sole purpose of your landing page is for you to gather information of the visitor and turn them into potential clients. Nothing else. So if you’re page doesn’t meet that criteria, it isn’t a landing page.

Tips to optimize your landing page.

Now that you know what is the great impact of your landing page can do to your business, how would you be able to create one? Let’s discuss the tips on how to turn your landing page into a powerful one and turn those visitors into a potential customer.

1. Use Action Language

Landing page must have a call to action to tell a reader exactly what they will be able to do once they respond to your call. Use action verbs to give stronger, definitive instructions that help them learn what they are supposed to do on that page.

2. Use Value-oriented language

It is also important not just to explain the features but mainly explain the benefits of those features. Readers simply won’t respond to your call to action if they won’t get anything in return. So be sure to let the readers know it by saying that out loud and clear.

3. Write Using Second Person

Always use the second person like “You” or “Yours”. Never use “We” “Us” “I” etc. You are talking to your readers, not talking about yourself. By doing this you will forge a stronger connection between the reader and what you offer and how it can impact their lives.

4. It must be clear and concise

Never use jargon, flattering or sugar-coating words. Your landing page must be short, concise, clear and straight to the point. Most of all make sure that the sole purpose and the meaning of what you are offering is still intact.

5. Be consistent

Pay close attention to the grammar and spelling of your content. Your landing page must be cohesive and error free for users to build more trust and be comfortable with handing their information to you.


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