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Remixed and Jazzed Up Musical Party: LogicBase Interactive Christmas Party 2016

This blog post is written by Joy, one of the internet marketing team members.

It was a chilly Sunday evening, December 11, 2016, where musical artists from all over the world gathered and celebrated our Christmas party. Local OPM artist, international artist, and even Korean and Japanese Pop Stars joined us as we celebrate our third Christmas Party. That night was filled with good vibes and musical feel as we celebrated it all night long.


Our party was held at De Luxe Hotel, Ruby function room. When we arrived one by one in the function room, we were all surprised and stunned by the musical themed designs. Each of us was confused if which artist is being portrayed (Who’s who?). Actually, we were all requested to dress up like our favorite artist, it could be a local or international artist. Piko Taro, Katy Perry, Shakira, Andrew E, Amy Lee, Psy, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Alessia Cara, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, Selena, Gomez, Ariel Rivera, Gary Valenciano, Ely Buendia, Teddy, Abra, Chito Miranda and Suga of BTS were present and enjoyed the night.


The party started with the opening prayer lead by April aka Avril Lavigne, followed by the singing of the national anthem.


The party was vibrant and buoyant when the masters of ceremony, Sir Paul aka Justin Bieber and Maam Ethel aka Shakira excitingly welcomed the artists.


That night was so meaningful as the LBI’s Chief Executive Officer, Sir Bryan and General Operation Manager, Maam Yani gave their inspiring talk about the company’s career and future plans. Maam Yani affirmed that the company is growing and blooming so beautifully as many blessings came for the company.4

After the heartfelt message from our dearest boss, a dance intermission number was performed by yours truly Joy aka Alessia Cara. I danced a Kpop song, Good Boy by G-Dragon and Taeyang. I think everyone was stunned by the performance as no one applauded after my performance (Hahaha, I cry. Char!).


To make the party more fun and lively, we started to play interesting games. First, we played the famous social media challenge, the mannequin challenge. Web developer team – Abra, Ariel, Chito, Suga, Gary, Teddy, and Ely, versus the internet marketing team, Justin, Joe, Avril, Jennifer, Selena, Psy, and Alessia, it was a fierce fight as everyone was so competitive and fancied to win the awesome prizes.


The challenge is somewhat like the paint me a picture game and the internet marketing gave their all and won the game.

After the warming game, the first raffle draw was given to Leonard aka Ely, he received the Noche Buena package perfect for Christmas.


The next part of the program was the caroling contest, all of us were all busy preparing for this anticipated event. All of us even practiced weeks before the event, hiding from the opposing team and not slipping a single hint about what to perform. We, the internet marketing team, first performed. We sang and danced to the Christmas song, followed by the Jingle Bell Rock (It was our last practice, actually. Haha!). The opposing team, web developers were confident as they saw our performance saying “We already won!” They started their medley Christmas performance with Kay sigla ng Gabi, then Pasko na naman, Ang pasko ay sumapit, Bagong tuig, Jingle Bell rock and lastly, We wish you. The web dev team really did prepare their performance as they have memorized and choreographed their song well and they won the contest!


The second raffle draw was given to Cliff aka Chito. He also won the Noche Buena package.


To relax and give us a moment to breathe, the angelic and fascinating singer of LBI, Jeff aka Joe sang the hit song Toothbrush by DNCE.


The most awaited, exciting, and the highlight of the party, KAON :D! A party won’t be complete without the food, of course, we have to fill our tummies with all those yummy Filipino food.



Burp, excuse us :D. The third raffle draw for the Noche Buena package was given to Maam Ethel aka Shakira._mg_1913

Next in line was the awarding ceremony. We, the employees were all gripping to our seats as we are all excited about who’s gonna be awarded.

The first certificate was the Perfect Attendance award, Paolo aka Psy received the award for the month of August. For the month of September, Ethyl aka Suga and Paolo received the award. Paolo was again awarded for the month of October. And lastly, for the month of November, Daffodil aka Selena, Paolo, and Jeff received the award.


Next award was the Employee of the Month award. Ethyl, Cliff, April, and Jeff received the award for the month of August, September, October, November respectively. Each of them received a certificate and a tumbler.


After giving off the awards, we again played a witty game, the most unfamiliar and uncommon game (HAHAHA), Charades. We were again divided according to our department, the internet marketing, and web developers. After the fierce battle, we, the internet marketing won the game (Yes!). The awesome prize was imported chocolates, yum!


Again, a raffle was drawn! A Noche Buena package was given to Paolo.


I was so excited about this next part of the program, the Exchanging Gifts (Awe)! We were all guessing who’s our monito and monita that we even keep an eye on them during the event (HAHA).


After receiving our breathtaking gifts (Exag! hahaha), the supposed “Shy” boys of LBI, took a deep breath, swallowed everything (HAHA) and confidently performed their intermission number. They sang a medley Christmas Song that made us laugh out loud. The song was cheerful and joyous. No one was spared as the three of them hold the mic to sing at least one line (Shyness no more!)


After the performance, April received a major raffle prize drawn by Maam Yani._mg_2088

Now, the Loyalty award was given to these three hard working and sure is loyal employees, Nikki, Cliff, April, and Jeff. Congratulations!


Since everyone was all so dressed up, really bought and exerted all their efforts to copy their favorite artists, a face of the night award was given. The male face of the night was given to Jeff aka Joe Jonas, and Nikki aka Jennifer Lopez was also awarded for the female face of the night. They both received cool beauty products to maintain their glowing and white skin.


The second major raffle prize was drawn! (Drum roll) Maam Yani announced the winner, Jeff!


It was indeed a fun night as we again played a game, the famous Pinoy Henyo. Again, web developers versus internet marketers. The web developers won the game!


Next game was the, Bring me! Maam Ethyl requested to bring her a family picture. Everyone was so busy finding their family picture but Ethyl who already has their picture inside her wallet won the game. After the family picture, Sir Paul wanted to bring him a picture of their lover. Of course, those in love people made a fuss to show their couple picture. April who is madly in love with Jovannie (Eiiit <3) jumped in front to show their sweet picture together. Jov was also part of the LBI family but he wasn’t able to join the party as he has undergone an operation that day (Get well soon Jov!).

12One of the highlights of the party, the Team Lead of the Year award! I think everyone already knew. Cliff, one of the best (everyone is best, though. 😀 ) web developer in LBI was awarded as the Team Lead of the Year for his extraordinary service and dedication to his team’s success.


The last but the grand raffle prize was drawn! Everyone was praying and hoping to win the prize but only one employee can own it. Sir Paul won the grand prize! We requested him to open the prize and then he unveiled the Acer Tablet (I’m so jealous. hahaha).

13We ended the party with photo op! Picture Picture! (posing diri, wacky dadto. SMILE! 😀 )

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14WAIT! The night did not end just like that! We had our after-party! Yes, a party after the party (What am I talking?).

We went to (drum roll) Microphone Hero located at Lifestyle District (Sosyal!). We sang our hearts out as we spent 2 hours at The Beatles videoke room. Though some of us already went home but no one can stop us! We still had our after-party! (Party Party!)


After our literal throat cutting videoke, we all went home at 1 a.m. We said our goodbyes and goodnight with our hoarse voice (Videoke Pa More!).

It was indeed musical as we all gone through a jazz and remixed night! We had fun, we ate, we played, we sang, we dance and among others, we nailed the party! It was quite tiring but fulfilling. It was not just a party but a fun memory that we all treasure till the last breath. We are not just employees but a family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All! 😀

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