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Cazoomi’s Team Lead Visits Mindanao!

What better way to start the year, than have one of your clients visit you – bearing gifts in the name of “opportunities” as what we call it. And for a young start-up company like us, we consider this one great news.

Let’s just say Opportunity knocked, and his name is Clint Wilson.

Clint Wilson (USA CEO of Cazoomi) have partnered with Constant Contact to bring eCommerce Marketing to a more global scale. And we, LogicBase Interactive, have been privileged to provide support as one of their premier Cazoomi Asia Network Partner.

During the Holiday season (before Christmas Break), we had the great news and it was confirmed that our Client (Clint) was going to push through with the visit on the first week of January. And with our excitement, came the moment to remember.

The Arrival

It was Sunday, the 5th of January 2015 when one of our clients’ Clint Wilson along with Lheomar Aquino (Cazoomi Philippine Country Lead) was able to visit us for the first time here in Cagayan de Oro City. Bryan King (LogicBase Interactive – CEO) and Yani Briones (LogicBase Interactive – Project Manager) met with them in the Airport and had a quick lunch in Panagatan Seafood Restaurant.

Logicbase Interactive 6

Yani, Bryan, Clint and Lheomar at Panagatan Seafood Restaurant, Opol CDO

Everything was casual – fitting for a Sunday afternoon.

The day went on to the usual hotel check-ins, cozy dinner and a little bit of night life fun. I believe it was aday of discovery for both Clint and Lheomar, as CDO is far different from Tarlac – where Cazoomi is mostly based here in the Philippines, and San Francisco (where everything started for Cazoomi).


The Meet

January 6, 2015. A Monday like no other for everyone at LogicBase Interactive indeed. We’ve been excited for this day ever since we heard the news before the holidays, and it was the first time our company had a visiting client. Luckily enough, Clint (client) was Cool and Energetic enough that whatever intimidation we first felt were eased at the first smile.

Clint was introduced to everyone in the office, and it was great to have him meet the team that was working under his projects.

It wasn’t long until he found himself in a table, giving us tips on how to better our sites marketing, and showing us the other office branches they had in several places, including Catamaran, which impressively runs as an office for their newest business partner venture in Thailand. Who could ever forget that right?

Logicbase Interactive 3

Clint showing us the other partner offices in Thailand and Tarlac.

The discussion went on from work to non-work related topics up until the power went out and all we can do was talk about random stuffs and mostly how things work here in the city.

Well moments wouldn’t go without pictures these days, so we all took a snap before we all decided to go for a quick lunch.

Logicbase Interactive 7

LogicBase Interactive Employees with Clint and Lheomar of Cazoomi.


All set and ready to Go……. for lunch. lol

The meet and greet went well but it wouldn’t be complete without so we decided to bring Clint and Lheomar to one of the best native restaurants in the city (Kagayanon) for lunch. On the way, we offered him a ride in inside the pickup, but cool as he is, he went n to join us at the back of the  for a more city-friendly experience. We often caught his eyes wandering around, observing the city and even taking “selfies” as we rode on the way to the restaurant.

And the boys are all set for the ride.

I’m seeing him enjoying the place specially when he saw a Jeepney filled with more than twice its imaginable capacity, and from there on things were becoming more and more of a casual experience for us.

We arrived a bit early for lunch and the place wasn’t that filled yet so we took another opportunity to take a photo.

Food isn’t ready yet, but our poses definitely are.

Everything went fine. The food was great. The laughter and fun was great as well. The chili-eating demo by Clint was impressive, and all in all it was a great bonding for us. Nothing beats a a good lunch out with a client.

Well nothing lasts forever with a hungry bunch, and as quick as it is, it’s time for Clint to go back to the hotel for another meeting. We all went and said goodbye (for now), and went back to work (for the night calls for another bonding with the clients.) 🙂

And of course, we wouldn’t part without another photo to remember by. I guess the smiles are better cause were all full by this time. Lol

LogicBase Interactive Employees with Clint Wilson and Lheomar Aquino of Cazoomi.


The Night Out

When all the work is done, and all the meetings have concluded, there’s no better way to spend the rest of the day than to have a nightly kind of fun with the clients. And since we are very Filipino here, we brought our client to great KARAOKE place in the city. This time with food, music, silliness, Chicken, and dance moves. (Wait, dance moves?)
Well it all started with Clint’s rendition of the song “Push The Button”, and everything went unpredictable from then on.

“Push The Button” by Clint Wilson.

We heard our new LBI family sing some medleys from Bruno Mars to some of the best hits of the latest to the classics and back, and it was pretty much a great unwinding experience for everyone. Clearly KARAOKE isn’t something new to Clint cause he’s been in the Philippines a lot of times already, but I guess the whole bonding with new friends (and partners) is a pretty good way to start year with more opportunities.

It’s a night out. Let’s sing and shout!

The day ended with the night out since Clint and Lheomar will be going back to Tarlac the following morning, but it was definitely a start of something great specially for us here in LogicBase Interactive.

It was a short bonding moment, but it was definitely something to remember by. And my positivity tells me that there will be more of these this year. And if I’m not mistaken, there will be longer visits the next time and further projects to work along with the partnership with LogicBase Interactive and Cazoomi.

We had a great time, and it was nice meeting you both Clint and Lheomar.

Our new year got a great start indeed.

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  1. Clint Wilson

    Thanks guys for an awesome time in CDO.

    Lheomar & our team will see you all again real soon:)


    1. LogicBase

      Thank you Clint, we also had a great time! It was great meeting you in person. We hope to see you again.

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