LogicBase Interactive Summer Team Building 2017

LogicBase Interactive Team-Building Activity Rocks Duka Bay

This blog post is written by Argie, one of the internet marketing team members.

Rocking the waters of Duka Bay, Medina, Misamis Oriental last May 6, 2017, the vibrant teams of LogicBase Interactive took to the beach its annual team building activity.

Waking up at 3 am in the morning, the different teams comprising LogicBase Interactive were very enthusiastic of this years team building since it fell on a summer and the heat hitting from everywhere must be completely washed up, right? So what best to have a cool summer team building activity than to bask in the sun while soaking up in the beach water of Misamis Oriental’s famous crystal clear waters of Duka Bay Resort?

LogicBase Interactive Summer Team Building 2017 - Duka Bay

The two-hour drive to Medina made most of us to just lay back while enjoying the view on our way to Duka Bay Resort. While some just didn’t mind the view and made up for the number of hours they didn’t sleep for that day. Nonetheless, the destination woke us up and glistening water of the beach energized our spirits.

Upon arrival, everybody huddled in one place and then we grouped ourselves according to the accounts we are currently in for the different activities.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building 2017

Just a few meters away from Duka Bay Resort is Alibuag Cold Spring where the first three activities for that day were held.

On the first activity, each team had to make a hat out of a cartolina on which a needle should be placed at the top of it. After that, every member of each team should take turns puncturing the balloons suspended through the trees around the pool and the team who gets all the balloons popped up in the shortest time wins. The Blue Team got all the balloons popped for the shortest time and won the challenge.

The second activity was a time-beating race where the members of each team had to swim in the pool, use the “salbabidas” available and collect as many Christmas balls as possible that were thrown into the water before the 15-minute time ended. However, there’s a twist, the team had to use their salbabidas to connect each other and form a line. Blindfolded, the first person in the line was tasked to collect as many Christmas balls as possible under the direction of his team members before the allotted time ended. For this challenge, the Yellow Team landed on first place.LogicBase TeamBuilding Second GameLogicBase TeamBuilding Second Game

During the third game, the different teams were made to rest for a while as some changes were made in the mechanics. After that, the game started and all have been very enthusiastic cheering for team’s representative who had to find a single key to a pool of many keys and had to try that key to one padlock if it fits. The team whose representative opens the most number of locks before the allotted time ends wins. On this game, the Blue Team’s strategy worked and earned its second win of the day.

LogicBase TeamBuilding Third Game

LogicBase TeamBuilding Third Game

For the fourth and fifth activities, we walked for a few minutes to reach Duka Bay Resort and there, its crystal clear green waters welcomed us. No time was wasted as some teams eventually went taking pictures while getting soaked in the beach water.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Swimming

LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Swimming

The fourth game came as quite a challenge for some since each team members should take turns to maneuver a kayak. Finding the right balance while rowing a kayak, each team members should go from point one to point two and go back from point two to point one in a circle. Some stumbled while some did not try the challenge but the team effort and speed of the Red Team made them the winner of this challenge.


LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Kayak Competition

After that, the foods were then served and the delicious foods sure made our day after the grueling tasks that we’ve gone through. There’s also a karaoke where we could sing our hearts out.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building

LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Hamal

While having our time enjoying the company of our team members and of other teams, the fifth game was announced and was held inside our cottage. The game was specifically to test the alertness of the members of each team as we had to copy the chant of the previous team and throw another chant to another and the cycle goes until only one team left standing without making a mistake in their chants. In this activity, the Blue Team made another winning moment making it 3 out of 5 winning streaks.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Fourth Game

LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Fourth Game

Each of the winning teams were given souvenirs like keychains and bracelets as prizes.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building 2017 - Winners

Another part of the whole day event was the announcement of the employees of the month for the months of January to April. LBI employees coming from different accounts were given prices and tokens in recognition of their hard work and significant contributions to the company: January – Ethyl Tarrosa; February – Leonard Aguanta; March – April Mae Ablon; April – Lovely Joy Deloso.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building 2017 - Employee of the MonthLogicBase Interactive Team Building 2017 - Employee of the MonthIMG_8745 IMG_8749

After all the events, the whole LogicBase Interactive family imprinted their individual hand print using paint colors on their fellow co-worker’s shirt and on the large banner marking the conclusion of this years team building activity. Time has been spent well and exhaustion was forgotten to bask in the sunshine and in the beautiful Duka Bay.

LogicBase Interactive Team Building - Handprints

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