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LogicBase Interactive LLCs 2nd Anniversary: Setting Up the Game to the Next Level!


With the theme “Game On! Winning, Equipped and Ready To Step Up To The Next Level”, LogicBase Interactive LLC celebrated its 2nd year anniversary at Midway White Beach Resort – Kinason in Tubigon, Initao, Misamis Oriental.

Early Saturday morning, the whole LBI family, including all of the department members, the big bosses and the interns, with guests from the ACadeO team headed to Initao to celebrate its successful two years in the business world of IT Solutions. Upon arrival, the sea breeze have already caressed our very skin. Outing at a beach sure is best during summer!


As soon as everything was prepped up at the table with everyone gathered inside the cottage, the program proper commenced. Most of the LBI members were on their computer/mobile game costumes since the party is themed with games. Some wore their superhero costumes like of Captain America and Ironman.


There are also some who wore their anime, card and lego costumes, on their printed shirts showing Pikachu, Naruto, Super Mario and Princess Peach, and a variety of others. Everybody looked awesome on their games-inspired outfits.

Nikki & Maam Yani

The program was hosted by Internet Marketing member Nicole who then called Nathan, one of the interns, to bless the program with an opening prayer. Following was Maam Yani’s welcoming speech mentioning some of the improvements in the company. Then a video presentation created by Sir Coy which showcased some of the important and minute events LBI have had in the past 2 years was exhibited. There were a slight of mesmerized expressions, chuckles and random claps coming from everyone as the video went on.


Giving his inspirational talk was Sir Bryan who imparted some of the LBI’s milestones and the impressive success the company has already had, including its future plans.

Then, Jeff (that must be me) introduced some of the milestones that ACadeO ( About Cagayan de Oro), one of LBI’s local websites which is going to be on its 1st year some time this year, has already achieved during the past year at most. Then Miss KC, one of the members of ACadeO team, shared additional information about the site and also some of its success.


After the talk were the games prepared by the game committee, the interns. The first game was called Message Relay. In the game, 2 teams were needed with each having 5 members. The members must line up. The game host will provide a message to the first member must relay it to his/her co-members until the message reaches the last member. The last member will be the one to relay the message back to the game host. But here’s the catch, the message is just numbers and talking is not allowed. So, what the teams must do is to relay the asked numbers through gestures. Group 2 was ahead with a score of 4 against 2, winning the game. Yayy! (I’m a member of the first group, sigh!)

Message Relay

The second game was called “Minefield”. Plastic cups that were slightly filled with sand were dispersed on the sand, serving as the mines. Same groups, 2 tandems must be picked in each group. One member of each of the tandems will be the one to close his/her eyes and try to cross the minefield without stepping on the mines while the other will be the one to guide his/her partner. Group 1 was victorious for this game. (Hurray to us!)


After the exciting and energy draining games, it was time for refueling. Chomping time!


Next up was the awarding for those who had perfect attendance in the months of January, February, March and April. For the month of February, an award was given to Nikki, Jeff and Paolo. For the month of March and April, both Jeff and Paolo had no late and absences. A certificate and complimentary shirts were given to the awardees.


Back to the games, 4 teams were called to participate for the “Mermaid in the Sand” game. Each teams consisted of 5 members will decide who will be the mermaid, and the remaining members will be the ones to play with the sand. The teams must make their one member to look like a mermaid by carving the mermaid tail. There were judges who kept on looking at the works of the teams. The first team was hailed the winner as determined by the judges.

Mermaid in the Sand Game

To not get loose the adrenaline, another game was initiated called “Epic Drunken Master”, or simply, dizzy game. 2 teams were needed for this game who will be competing to be the first team to finish the race. Each of the members must take turns on bringing themselves to the standing pole and revolve around it with their heads down for 7 rounds. While being dizzy, they must try to go back and tap the hand of the next player. The first team to finish is the winning team. The second team won. (There was a last game but wasn’t successfully done because it was too hard. LOL)

Back to the cottage, the awarding was resumed. This time, it was the awarding of the Employee of the Month. For the month of January, the Employee of the Month was awarded to Jeff. Francis was the awardee for the month of February. Then for the month of March was Cliff. And lastly, Jovannie was awarded the Employee of the Month for the month of April. Congratulations for the hard work you imparted to the company.

Employee of the Month

Before the program ended, it was time for the awarding of Best in Computer Games Costume. The King and Queen of Hearts Jovannie and April, and Ironman Cliff won consolation prizes. And bagging the Best Costume award is Ethyl with her Talking Tom get-up.

Best Costume

In between, some played volleyball, sang with the karaoke machine and swam in the beach. Everyone really did enjoy!

In between

The LogicBase Interactive LLCs 2nd Anniversary celebration slash Summer Getaway was so much fun. Such event is too perfect in order to at least forget the stress of working at the office. Congratulations LBI on your 2nd year. Keep the game on and hyped up!


To sum it all up, here’s a video showcasing the happenings during LBI’s 2nd Anniversary.

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