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How Can Your Website Become A Superstar In Google Search Results

How Can Your Website Become A Superstar In Google Search Results

There are a lot of ways to keep you ahead in Google’s search results. Too many that you will be exhausted in what to use first and frequent. But to establish a great standing in Google search results, it will just take a few checklist for you to remember and be a ninja in the search rankings. Here is a list that can help you through:

Construct lots of remarkable links to your pages.

Diverse links can be used to expand more influence in Google search results. This links can be greatly advertised by using social media as a tool for broadcasting. The more links you have, the more connection externally will be vacuumed.

Optimize Web speed

Optimized web speed engages more visitors and most of the time retain those valuable ones. This can be done by choosing the right image format, image size, plugins, removing unnecessary HTML and CSS, and by updating your CMS like WordPress and others.

Include Meta Elements

These elements such as a title and a description are very attractive in the eyes of Google, never leave the traditional way of adding them. Keep this practice regularly.

Use G+ as One of Your Primary Social Media Broadcasters

G+ has the highest connection to Google search results compared to any giant social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter. Although we can see more users are on Facebook than any other, standing at 1.4 Billion active users. G+ has still the most intimacy rate up to date when talking about Google search results.

Never Forget Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter, though they have a huge gap between them in the number of active accounts, these two colossal corporations both has a very high engagement too when talking about Google search results. G+ may be at the top, but the space is not that wide involving them. Considering the number of users on Facebook and the quality of users on Twitter, these social media sites cannot be neglected.

Eye On For Long Form Content

Long contents consisting links and keywords patched in them may be traditional, but this method of engaging visitors and potential followers is still effective and efficient. Short content can still be useful if your page has a lot of links, interactions, and mentions. Yet, high-quality content is still the best in business.

While huge and popular companies have their advantage and maintain their reputation and number of followers posting short form contents, most of us cannot do that especially those who haven’t established a solid ground for themselves yet in the Google search results. Thus, the conventional way of adding detailed long form content still has the lion’s share.

Acquire a .com Domain

These domains are proven and seen to be the best and privileged by Google in their search results. So before you start a business or any type of website, never forget about this.


This short list can be very useful in visitor attraction and magnetize a potential customer. It might be easy to type a keyword in Google’s search box, but it’s not that easy to place your site on top of the search engine. When you forget the simple list presented above, Google might forget you too in their method of presenting search results.


Contributed by: Jan Rhais Amantiad

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