For Health & Fitness: LBI Family’s 2015 Resolution

PelaezMomentFor Health awareness, LogicBase Interactive LLC family conducts and performs physical fitness activities every month. And last 31st of January 2015, at 3pm, we found ourselves at Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex, Cagayan de Oro City.


Every month, 2 members will work together to think of a physical fitness activity that will be performed by the whole. Namely, Nicole and Cliff were the physical conductors at that time. Warm ups were done, with the conductors on the front and the rest at the back to copy the gestures and exercises. From Head stretching to Jumping jacks, everyone were all revved up for the unexpected series of individual and group fun exercises. You can compare it with what you’ve been watching on television, The Amazing Race, but a bit shorter version.


Two teams were grouped together determined by Rock, Paper, Scissors game. With Nikki, Jeff, Miss MJ, Paolo and April for Team Daug, and Guilda, Cliff, Miss Yani, Sir Bry and Sheena for Team Pildi. You can’t expect whether the team names were determining the result, but who knows?


The Activity proper, The Short Amazing Race, consists of 4 posts with their respective to-do exercises. On the first post, Push-ups were given for the boys and Curl-ups for girls. Exhausting 10 counts for both of the post 1 exercises. The second post is a test for an individual’s accuracy and precision in throwing a ball to shoot it in a basket. A member must shoot a ball unless they won’t proceed to the next post, the third post which I call jog-three-to-four-meters. Estimated 4 meters distance of the third post to the fourth post or rather the last post, all the members must jog together till reaching it. And on the last post, a member must wear a sack and jump around the soccer goal. Time will be recorded at the moment where the last member has finished jumping around the soccer goal. Team Daug won with a minute lead.


The Final activity which was Dodge ball game, Team Daug were the first players with Team Pildi as the ball throwers. Time was recorded after the last member was hit and it’s the opponent’s turn to be the players. The same thing, time was recorded after the last member was hit.  It was a test for survival. Team Daug won again with the longer time recorded. All was not yet done when Sir Edgar came and was requested to do the Short Amazing Race himself. Everyone really had fun, and a-round jog around the oval was the concluding act.

CaldaMomentBut wait, there’s more to that day. We drove the streets of Don Apolinar heading to Calda Pizza House. Treats from Guilda and April, a 36-inch pizza was served for everyone.


It was a day of bonding and fun. Just a way to shave off the stress from work. Expecting more for the next month’s physical fitness activity!

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